In the business industry, promotion of products is playing the most important role. For the proper promotion, the companies need to avail services of printing companies in SG. If we talk about the printing industry, then there are lots of service providers available in the market. With it, all types of services providers are engaged in providing different types of printing services.

Printing is performed in different ways. It depends on the individuals that which kind of servicesthey want to avail. For it, the individuals are required to focus on several things. Now I’m going to explain the types of printing services in the upcoming details.

Digital printing

There are different types of printing services provided by the companies. Digital printing is one of these. In the case of digital printing, the individuals are required to focus on different things. Mainly the way of this particular type of printing is considered for getting images in physical existence.

The process is also considered as the reproduction of images. Another important fact is that the individuals are required to take help from a different type of paper. Sources for getting these types of printouts are –

  • Film
  • Plastic
  • Cloth
  • Photographic paper

These are some basic types of paper used in getting printouts via digital printing techniques. The way of digital printing is considered by different types of printing companies in SG. The biggest reason behind it the way in which it works and provides services.

Gravure printing

When it comes to get high-quality printing outputs, then the individuals should consider the way of gravure printing. It is one of the most expensive ways of printing. Mainly, the individuals are considering its way for getting outputs on a different kind of material such as –

  • Copper plate
  • Paper

This particular type of printing technique is used for getting different types of outputs. Mainly it is considered for the following types of things or outputs.

  • Order catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Magazines

If you are interested in printing these types of things, then you are required to check out lots of factors. You should consider the printing company which is expert in providing these types of printing results. Most of the individuals are considering its way for gift wrap.

Screen printing

Many individuals are interested in printing the different types of objects. The biggest thing is all types of objects are not completely flat. It is not an easy task to do printing on these types of goods for printing companies in SG. Here, the use of screen printing appears at the top. Mainly these items are –

  • Ring binders
  • Billboards
  • Clothing
  • Bumper stickers
  • Mugs

The process of performing all these activities is so easy with the screen printing technique. It also becomes the best option for preparing the best advertising stuff. Another biggest thing related to the screen printing is that the individuals are not required to pay higher money for availing its services properly.

Electrostatic printing

It is the completely unique form of the printing. There are numerous factors making it unique and completely different from other printing techniques. For accessing these types of services, the printing companies are not using any type of paper or ink.

In the electrostatic printing, the printing companies in SGare taking help from the zinc oxide as the ink. The zinc oxide is associated with different types of factors. When the printed object is available in the dark, it works as the best insulator. It completely exposes when it comes to the light conditions.